The Institute for Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI) was founded to provide a framework for collaboration, to develop new ideas and technologies which could have an impact on the society and economy.  We believe that academic excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration fosters the professional growth of researchers, engineers and students. Join our team of experts and pave the way to innovation!

We invite undergraduate and graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds to conduct internships at the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence. An intern will work collaboratively with our data scientists and post-doctoral researchers on ISSAI projects, and gain first-hand experience with state-of-the art computational facilities. Internships can be either on a paid or unpaid (potentially credit-bearing) basis, depending on the educational level and skills of the applicants. The average duration of an internship is six to eight weeks; the minimum duration of an internship is one month. Interested candidates should apply by sending their intended period of internship, resume, transcript and one paragraph describing their skills and research interests to

We welcome individuals with backgrounds in Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Robotics or related fields to join ISSAI as Visiting Researchers. A Visiting Researcher will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, co-author impactful publications, gain experience in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, learn how to use advanced AI servers, as well as enjoy the vibrant academic environment of Nazarbayev University. The position is compensated based on the highest academic degree, and the minimum duration of stay is three months. Interested candidates should apply by sending their curriculum vitae, transcripts, and a cover letter highlighting their research interests and intended period of stay to