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Aknur Karabay

Research Assistant
Aknur has graduated from the Nazarbayev University in 2018 with the Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering degree. During her studies she has been working in the research project for the Development of Energy Storage Foundation. In 2018 she started her Master’s degree at the University of Glasgow in Structural Engineering. Currently she is working in ISSAI on the smart systems project.
Her previous industrial work experience includes working in the BI Group at the International graduate program in April-September 2018, and in Highvill Kazakhstan in June-August 2016.
Her research experience includes the Research Internship at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Laboratory of Geotechnical Centrifuge. (June – August 2017) at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST); and Research Assistant at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Nazarbayev University under the research of Assistant Professor Dichuan Zhang with the research project title: “Development of a Renewable Energy Storage System using Reinforced Concrete Foundations”. (February 2017 – June 2018).
  • Structural Engineering
  • Smart Flexoelectic materials and their integration to Structural/Civil Engineering
  • Smart Systems
  • BIM and automation in the Structure design process