Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI) was founded in September 2019 to serve as the driver of research and innovation in the digital sphere of Kazakhstan with the focus on AI research. Located at the C4 Research Building of Nazarbayev University, ISSAI conducts interdisciplinary research on machine intelligence for solving real-world problems of industry and society.

Huseyin Atakan Varol Director Yerbol Absalyamov Deputy Director of Operations Aliya Mukhidinova Senior PR Manager Gibrat Kurmanov Senior Administrative Manager Askat Kuzdeuov Senior Data Scientist Madina Abdrakhmanova Data Scientist Aknur Karabay Data Scientist Ulzhan Bissarinova Research Assistant Makat Tlebaliyev Computer Engineer Nurgaliyev Shakhizat Computer Engineer Rustem Yeshpanov Data Scientist Askhat Kenzhegulov Data Moderator Saltanat Kemaliyeva Data Moderator Moldir Orazalinova Data Moderator Gulzhanat Abduldinova Data Moderator Gulim Kabidolda Data Moderator Elmira Nikiforova Data Moderator Assel Kospabayeva Data Moderator Batyr Arystanbekov Research Assistant Aizhan Seipanova Data Moderator Ainagul Akmuldina Data Moderator Aigerim Boranbayeva Data Moderator Aigerim Baidauletova Data Moderator Alina Polonskaya Data Scientist Zarema Balgabekova Research Assistant Tomiris Rakhimzhanova Research Assistant Venera Spanbayeva Data Moderator