Team alumni

Darkhan Zholtayev

Darkhan Zholtayev

Former Research Assistant


  • Model-free control methods
  • autonomous systems
  • Reinforcement learning algorithms
  • AI

Darkhan is a 4th year PhD candidate in the Robotics Department. His PhD thesis is called model free control methods for electric drives. He finished his bachelor’s degree with specialty in mathematics at Kazakh National University between 2010-2014. Master degree from university of De Lorraine (Nancy, France) with specialty in reservoir engineering during 2014-2017.  2018-2019 worked as RA in NLA with power electronics. From 2019 until current time pursuing PhD in robotics.

Different times worked with different projects such as Brain Machine Interface BMI, Advanced control methods for wind turbine conversion systems. Right now developing model free control methods for wind energy conversion systems with RL algorithms. Currently at ISSAI Darkhan is developing a smart dynamic wheel size changing mobile robot for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance using reinforcement learning.

Research interests: Model-free control methods, autonomous systems, Reinforcement learning algorithms, AI.