17th March 2023

NIS students from all over Kazakhstan visit ISSAI labs as part of Nauryz Meetings

In a bid to foster interest in science and technology among school students, ISSAI has given a series of lectures on artificial intelligence (AI) to a group of young learners from Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) and comprehensive schools.

The students, aged 15 to 17, had the opportunity to visit several robotics labs, including the ARMS lab, the humanoid robotics lab, and the social robots lab. At each site, they were able to explore cutting-edge technologies and interact with professionals working in the field. For instance, in the social robots lab, students were greeted by “PHURHAT”—a humanoid robot that can maintain a conversation in 12 languages, as well as “NAO”, “QT” and “PEPPER”—robots used in the rehabilitation of children with autism. In the humanoid robotics lab, the young scientists learned about a snake-like robot that can perform tasks underwater.

In addition to the lab visits, the students also attended a series of lectures on AI covering topics, such as augmented reality and ChatGPT. ISSAI Founding Director Prof. Atakan Varol introduced the students to the laws and principles of AI. ISSAI research assistant and PhD student Zhanat Makhataeva spoke about her “ExoMem” project, and ISSAI senior data scientist Askat Kuzdeuov gave a talk about the possibilities of ChatGPT for visually impaired and blind people. 

The students were also able to ask questions and engage in discussions with the ISSAI team, gaining valuable insights into the field and the skills required to succeed in it. Many of the students expressed excitement about the opportunity to learn about AI and robotics in a hands-on way. “It was really amazing to see how these technologies are used in real-world applications,” said one student. “I learned so much and feel inspired to pursue a career in this field.”

The aim of the “Nauryz Meetings” event was to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology by giving them the opportunity to explore real-world applications of robotics and AI. The Nauryz Meetings are an annual traditional event held by NIS with the aim of developing school students’ research skills, engaging them in science and deepening their knowledge. The topic of this year’s event is Biomedicine, Engineering and Technologies. 

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