28th June 2023

ISSAI team members promote AI collaboration at the Institute of Linguistics in Almaty

In a recent visit to the Institute of Linguistics named after Akhmet Baitursynuly, Yerbol Absalyamov, the technical project coordinator of the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence  (ISSAI), and Batyr Arystanbekov, a research assistant at ISSAI, aimed to foster collaboration between Kazakhstani universities and ISSAI while promoting the use of ISSAI’s cutting-edge NVIDIA DGX resources for AI research.

ISSAI has been actively engaging with educational organizations to encourage the utilization of their advanced computational resources in AI research. As part of this initiative, ISSAI prepared two NVIDIA DGX supercomputers, enabling Kazakhstani universities to gain valuable insights into the know-how of these state-of-the-art resources, thereby enhancing the efficiency of their AI projects.

During their visit to the Institute of Linguistics, Mr Absalyamov and Mr Arystanbekov introduced the audience to the mission and research activities of ISSAI. They provided a comprehensive explanation of the technical features and parameters of ISSAI’s AI computational resources, with a particular focus on NVIDIA DGX-1. The visitors emphasized the advantages of remote access and highlighted the potential for collaborative research by exchanging researchers. Additionally, a presentation showcased ISSAI’s recent research projects, demonstrating how the powerful DGX-2 was employed in AI model training. This exemplified the practical applications and outcomes that can be achieved using ISSAI’s resources.

The Institute of Linguistics expressed great interest in utilising ISSAI’s AI computational resources, acknowledging the potential benefits of their research projects. The opportunity to learn from ISSAI’s expertise and leverage the DGX supercomputers’ capabilities was met with enthusiasm by the institute’s representatives.

The visit served as a testament to ISSAI’s proactive approach to reaching out to Kazakhstani universities and strengthening collaboration between educational organizations. By providing remote access to their NVIDIA DGX supercomputers, ISSAI aims to help universities with the necessary tools to conduct cutting-edge AI research, ensuring their contributions to the field are efficient and impactful.