25th August 2023

ISSAI shares insights on the AI trends at Kcell Eurasian Mobile Summit 2023

Madina Abdrakhmanova, a data scientist at ISSAI, took the stage as a panel speaker at Kcell Eurasian Mobile Summit 2023, held on August 23-24 in Almaty. The event served as a platform to gather top experts from Europe and Asia to address a pivotal question: “How to resist and grow in an era of change?”

Among the significant agents of change, artificial intelligence (AI) holds a prominent position. As an expert in the field, Madina participated in a panel discussion on “Trends in Generative AI from the Voices of Scientists and Practitioners.” The panel session was moderated by Arman Suleimenov, founder of nFactorial School, and included guest speakers Sanjar Bakhtiar, the founder of Solai, Erbol Kopzhasar, co-founder of Goat.AI, Ruslan Syzdykov, founder of MediaWaves, Ruslan Esentaev, co-founder of Gravitation, and Anton Serbin, marketing director of Altel/Tele2 Kazakhstan.

Madina’s contribution was marked by perspicacious discussions on the latest trends in generative AI, where she highlighted both strengths and limitations. She provided updates on the recent projects centered around the Kazakh language, and the computation cluster at ISSAI. The panel collectively emphasized the need for investments in local infrastructure and human capital to nurture AI innovation within the Central Asian region.

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