10th November 2023

One more pioneer championing the advancement of the Kazakh Language

On November 10, 2023, Til-Qazyna paid a visit to the ISSAI. Originally founded on October 9, 1999, under the Resolution No. 1545 by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the “Republican State Language Accelerated Training Center,” Til-Qazyna is now operating under the name “Til-Qazyna National Scientific and Practical Center” after Sh. Shayakhmetov. This non-profit joint-stock company specializes in establishing the necessary conditions for the rapid instruction of the Kazakh language to civil servants and provides educational-methodological and scientific support for this endeavor.

Til-Qazyna was leaded by Director Mrs. Makpal Zhumabay, together with Mr. Saken Tukenov, Technical Director, Bauyrzhan Serilbay, Software Engineer and Askhat Mussabay, International Affairs Manager.

The purpose of Til-Qazyna’s visit was to encourage partnerships with local organizations and to outline strategies for the advancement of digital tools in the Kazakh language, led by domestic companies and institutions. A crucial goal is to make the Kazakh language more competitive in the digital world. It’s essential for Kazakh language acquisition tools like information applications, online platforms, mobile apps, and other programs to be fully functional in the Kazakh language.

During the meeting Til-Qazyna explained their initiatives, including projects focused on the Latinization of Kazakh script, the development of a substantial Kazakh language corpus, translation of loanwords and terms, digitization efforts, and the integration of the Kazakh language in IT and internet resources. One more important aspect shared by Til-Qazyna is their readiness to share the data for NLP projects.

So the main purpose of the visit was to encourage ISSAI to engage in joint projects funded by various grants and to assist in creating a strategy for the government that advocates for the formation of digital Kazakh language resources developed internally. They also asked from ISSAI advices on AI capabilities, particularly in the development of NLP models and utilization of computational resources.

In response, ISSAI offered insights on strategic development and shared their expertise on NLP models, as well as information about NVIDIA computational resources.

The Parties agreed to maintain communication and make joint efforts to develop the Kazakh language by using modern technology, including AI.

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