20th November 2023

Seminars for East Kazakhstan Universities in Öskemen

On 16 and 17 of November 2023 ISSAI visited main universitıes of East Kazakhstan region: East Kazakhstan University named after S. Amanzholov (EKU) and East Kazakhstan Technical University named after D. Serikpayev (EKTU) under the ISSAI outreach to regional universities initiative.

During the seminar our Technical project coordinator Yerbol Absalyamov and Data Scientist Aknur Karabay introduced the audience (undergrad. and graduate students, researchers and faculty from computer science, mechanical engineering and math departments) to the ISSAI’s mission and research activities, explained the technical features and parameters of its AI computational resources and the way of conducting research using NVIDIA DGX-1 and 2, the ability of having a remote access, and the possible exchange of researchers for collaborative research. Several examples on how we use, for instance, DGX-2 on our projects related to NLP, Computer vision were provided.

During the seminar EKU audience mostly were interested in implementation of AI in their grants from Ministry of Education and they want closely analyze the necessity to use DGX for their grant projects.

During the seminar EKTU audience mostly were interested in projects related to use the machine learning approaches in their grants with industrial sector of the region.

Both universities expressed big intereset in receiving guest lectures from ISSAI (ISSAI will consider that for Spring semester 2024) and in Summer research program 2024 (SRP).

ISSAI expresses its gratitude to Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of EKU Mrs. Nurlana Bayurzhanovna and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of EKTU Mr. Nurbek Pazharbekovich for support in organization of seminars in EKU and EKTU.

ISSAI hopes on fruitful cooperation with East Kazakhstan region universities to increase the country’s AI research expertise and capacity.

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