30th November 2023

National Automotive Giant visited ISSAI

On 29th November 2023, management team of Allur Auto paid an official visit to the Nazarbayev University. Under this visit Allur Auto team were introduced to the research infrastructure of our university and ISSAI in particular.

Yerbol Absalyamov familiarized the guests with the main ISSAI projects and demonstrated some NLP demo models. Afterwards, ISSAI researcher Zhanat Makhataeva presented her project “Augmented Reality-Based Human Memory Enhancement Using AI”. She explained the operation of different components of the AR system such as ArUco marker-based user localization indoors and object recognition. Her system can help to reduce the cognitive load people experience in spatial tasks that require spatial and object location memory. Her studies pave the way for the development of AR-based assistive technologies for individuals with memory impairments (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease).

Allur Auto team has highly appreciated ISSAI’s research projects, as well as the conditions in the laboratory for conducting research.

Allur Auto is the largest automobile company in Kazakhstan. They produce and sell cars for personal use and business. And they promote the development of urban mobility by equipping the country with public and specialized transport.

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