29th March 2024

Regional outreach: seminar in Zhetysu region

On March 28-29, the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI) gave a seminar for the Zhetysu Regional University named after I. Zhansugurov.

The seminar, delivered by ISSAI deputy director, Yerbol Absalyamov and postdoc Dr. Azamat Yeshmukhametov, unveiled an enriching discourse to a diverse audience comprising undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and faculty from computer science, math, physics, philology, office of academics mobility, office of science. The focal point of the session was to acquaint attendees with ISSAI’s mission, its spearheading research activities, and the avant-garde technical infrastructure that underpins its AI computational resources.

The presentations were not just technical but also illuminated paths for collaborative ventures, highlighting the prospect of exchanging researchers and embarking on joint projects. Mr. Absalyamov also presented our Summer research program and invited students from Zhetysu regions to participate actively. Dr. Yeshmukhametov shared his presentation about completed and on-going research projects in Robotics, and specifically how AI and ML implement in his research.

Questions from the audience about accessing DGX resources and training underscored a keen interest in practical engagement with ISSAI’s technologies. At the end of the seminar we demonstrated our NLP demo models and the audience were impressed about our models and overall activities. During the seminar Zhetysu University audience mostly were interested in implementation of AI in their grant: speech corrector. They also want joint collaboration with ISSAI, participation in a Summer research program, and some of the linguists would like to try to contribute to our Tilmash project.

The Chair of the Computer science department asked ISSAI to provide some guest lectures in future and also to review possibilities to participate in the academy mobility program. 

This visit marked a pivotal moment under the auspices of ISSAI’s initiative to extend its outreach to regional universities, fostering a bridge between advanced research and academic communities across Kazakhstan. This collaboration is a step toward enhancing Kazakhstan’s stature in AI research and development, aiming to nurture a thriving ecosystem of innovation and expertise in artificial intelligence.

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