7th April 2024

ISSAI postdoc Azamat Yeshmukhametov on Qazaqstan TV

On April 7th, ISSAI postdoctoral researcher Azamat Yeshmukhametov was invited to the “Технократтар талқысы” program on Qazaqstan TV. The episode was dedicated to robotics. Among the invited guests were head robotics coach in the Republic of Kazakhstan Asylbek Myrzakhmetov, Gulzhanar Enkebayeva director of the “Innovative school “Daryn”, Zhomart Aldamuratov senior lecturer at KBTU, and Tolganay Shynybayeva head of the engineering department at the International University of Information Technology (IITU).

During the discussion among the guests on the program, much attention was focused on the topic of including robotics in the school curriculum as a compulsory subject. The guests emphasized the prospects that robotics opens up for students in schools. It was suggested that robotics helps children approach problem-solving with a creative perspective, teaches them to work in teams, and covers areas such as mechatronics, electronics, computer programming, and more. The guests also mentioned individual achievements of Kazakhstan in major robotics competitions.

The purpose of this program is to showcase and analyze news in science and technology in Kazakhstan.

The full episode is available on YouTube.

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