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Learning Consistent Deep Generative Models from Sparse Data via Prediction Constraints

Gabriel Hope, Madina Abdrakhmanova, Xiaoyin Chen, Michael C. Hughes, Michael C. Hughes, Erik B. Sudderth

SpeakingFaces: A Large-Scale Multimodal Dataset of Voice Commands with Visual and Thermal Video Streams

Madina Abdrakhmanova, Askat Kuzdeuov, Sheikh Jarju, Yerbolat Khassanov, Michael Lewis, Huseyin Atakan Varol yj77

A Network-Based Stochastic Epidemic Simulator: Controlling COVID-19 with Region-Specific Policies

Askat Kuzdeuov, Daulet Baimukashev, Aknur Karabay, Bauyrzhan Ibragimov, Almas Mirzakhmetov, Mukhamet Nurpeiissov, Michael Lewis, Huseyin Atakan Varol

doi: 10.1109/JBHI.2020.3005160

Augmented Reality for Robotics: A Review

Zhanat Makhataeva, Huseyin Atakan Varol

Analytical Modeling and Design of Negative Stiffness Honeycomb Structures

A. Zhakatayev, Z. Kappassov, and H.A. Varol

Smart Materials and Systems, 2020 (accepted)

Shear, Torsion and Pressure Tactile Sensor via Plastic Optofiber Guided Imaging

D. Baimukashev, Z. Kappassov, and H.A. Varol

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2020 (accepted)