2 December 2020

100 videos on ISSAI YouTube channel

Our Institute is happy to announce that we have uploaded the jubilee 100th video on our YouTube channel.

We have started publishing our videos on YouTube from spring 2020. Our videos consist of educational videos on the topics of Machine Learning Basics, Computer Science Basics and Electrical Circuits. Additionally, we upload videos on different research conducted by our scientists. 

The videos are available in English and Kazakh languages. One of the main aims of our YouTube channel is to provide free, easily accessible, easy-to-understand educational videos on topics related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to anyone willing to learn. While doing this, our Institute was willing to contribute to getting more Kazakhstani people educated on the topics of AI, and, thus, contribute to the national digitalization strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

So far, we have reached 230 number of subscribers on our YouTube channel with more than 9000 total views, and more than 280 hours of watch time.

We are looking forward to sharing more useful videos with you in future.