10th April 2021

Internship on AI legal protection at ISSAI

During winter-spring 2021 ISSAI provided an internship opportunity for the 2nd-year Master’s student of the KazGUU University who was writing a thesis on the topic of “Legal protection of the results of creative activity created by AI, or with its help”.

In order to write her thesis and thus get more insight on the area of Artificial Intelligence student was working closely with ISSAI data scientist Mukhamet Nurpeiisov who provided her with the necessary information.

Student’s initial general questions were: How is artificial intelligence created? How does this happen in practice? How does machine learning work? How do artificial neural networks work in practice?

Mukahmet has first introduced her to the activities of ISSAI and described Institute’s main projects like Wi-Fi localization and Indoor navigation; Xray diagnosis clarification system; “SpeakingFaces” dataset; Optimal camera placement; Automated brain tumor segmentation; COVID-19 stochastic epidemic simulator. After that, he moved on to explain the use of Machine Learning and it’s methods and applications, as well as Machine Art in music, literature and visual arts. Finally, the have discussed the existing legal framework for AI and recommendations for it.

ISSAI wishes success to KazGUU student with her thesis work and hopes that information provided by the Institute was useful.