15th December 2022

High school students visit ISSAI lab

On 14th December, high school students from “Quantum” STEM School visited ISSAI laboratory.

During the visit, ISSAI Postdoctoral Scholar Azamat Yeshmukhametov, PhD student Zhanat Makhataeva and researcher Medetkhan Altymbek demonstrated their projects to the students. Dr Azamat showed “Tensegrity Robot: A Novel Robot Design Paradigm” project. Zhanat demonstrated her “ExoMem” project, an AR-based human memory augmentation system, and provided examples of other state-of-the-art technologies that can assist human vision, hearing and speech functions. And Medetkhan talked about the hybrid mobile robot based on a tensegrity structure project.

The students were very impressed by the projects and asked many questions.

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