20th October 2023

New Uzbekistan University delegation explores potential cooperation with ISSAI

On 19th of October 2023, a delegation from New Uzbekistan University (NUU) paid a visit to the Nazarbayev University (NU). During the visit Parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding which opens a new chapter between NU and NUU partnership. The partnership marks a significant milestone in the regional education landscape, further enhancing the ties between our universities from brotherly nations.

Under this official visit, delegation from NUU also got acquainted with ISSAI’s research and activities. NUU recently opened AI and Robotics department and was very interested to meet ISSAI team. ISSAI Technical project coordinator Absalyamov Yerbol welcomed the guests and gave them a tour of the ISSAI lab with demonstration of Kazakh, Turkic and Uzbek speech projects developed by ISSAI. ISSAI Data Scientist Madina Abdrakhmanova gave a presentation on ISSAI projects and computational resources. Afterwards, ISSAI researchers Zhanat Makhatayeva and Medetkhan Altymbek spoke about their scientific and research projects. Medetkhan explained  how tensegrity structures can change the perception of mobile robots, as they can withstand heavy loads and strong collisions with their low weight and Zhanat explained her project related to a human memory augmentation system that uses augmented reality (AR), computer vision (CV), and artificial intelligence to replace the internal mental representation of objects in the environment with an external augmented representation.

All in all, the visit marked by a spirit of collaboration, aims to explore opportunities for joint research projects, foster academic innovation, and strengthen ties between the two esteemed educational institutions. While no specific projects or initiatives were announced during the visit, both universities are keen to explore opportunities for joint research, especially in building the Uzbek language related NLP models.

NUU is the first public autonomous university in Uzbekistan and has been founded in 2021 by the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the same line with the development of presidential educational institutions. NUU aims to benefit society through science, research, and education excellence.

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