22nd November 2023

Tolegen Akhmetov Successfully Defends PhD Thesis on Industrial Safety Using AR and AI

SEDS doctoral student in Robotics Engineering and ISSAI researcher Tolegen Akhmetov successfully defended his PhD thesis “Industrial Safety Using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence”.

The defense, conducted online on 10 November 2023, highlighted work that showcased innovative approaches to enhancing workplace safety.

Akhmetov’s research demonstrated the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in preventing accidents in industrial settings. His contributions include the development of an AR-based warning system, utilizing eye-tracking technology, and an AR-based safety assistant to address burn injury risks in the industrial workplace.

During the defense, the external examiner from Tokai University, Dr. Kazuhiko Hamamoto, and the internal examiner, Dr. Anara Sandygulova, played pivotal roles in enriching the discussion with thoughtful questions and insightful feedback, contributing significantly to the success of Akhmetov’s work.

External co-supervisor Dr. Erkan Kaplanoglu emphasized the importance of obtaining virtual consent before activating systems, providing valuable suggestions for ethical considerations. Lead supervisor Dr. Huseyin Atakan Varol posed thought-provoking questions regarding the future perspectives of research in combating inattention, guiding the exploration of new avenues in the field.

Associate Provost of Graduate Studies Dr. Luis Ramon Rojas-Solórzano was one of the members of the online audience exceeding 40 members of the NU research community. 

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