27th November 2023

Regional outreach: seminar at Qyzylorda

On 24th of November 2023 ISSAI visited main university of Qyzylorda region: Qyzylorda University named after Korkyt Ata (Korkyt Ata University) under the ISSAI outreach to regional universities initiative.

During the seminar ISSAI’s Deputy director, Yerbol Absalyamov, and Data Scientist, Madina Abdrakhmanova, introduced the audience (undergrad. and graduate students, researchers and faculty from computer science, AI school, office of science and math department) to the ISSAI’s mission and research activities, explained the technical features and parameters of its AI computational resources and the way of conducting research using NVIDIA DGX-1 and 2, remote access to the DGXs, and the possible exchange of researchers for collaborative research. We provided examples on how we use, for instance, DGX-2 on our projects related to NLP, Computer vision.

During the seminar Korkyt Ata University audience mostly were interested in implementation of AI in their grants: from Ministry of Education and future joint projects with Seoul Tech University (S. Korea). Korkyt Ata university also wants joint collaboration with ISSAI, participation in summer research program 2024, and ISSAI’s support and consultation on equipping their future AI labs and receive guest lectures.

Also audience asked to explain steps about getting access to DGXs and possible initial training about DGXs. Some graduate students would like to be in touch with ISSAI for consultations, since some of them have already used ISSAI’s pre-trained NLP models and they are thankful that ISSAI provides datasets/codes/models open-source and it helped them in their project progress.

ISSAI hopes on fruitful cooperation with Qyzylorda region to increase the country’s AI research expertise and capacity.

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