29th November 2023

Saudi Centre is interested in research activities at NU

On November 29, a delegation from the Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships (SCISP) led by Eng. Raad AlBarakati visited Nazarbayev University.

The guests were introduced to the campus layout and informed about the opportunities available for students. During the tour, the interim President and CEO of SCISP, Raad AlBarakati visited NU laboratories, gaining insights into the ongoing research projects.

Under the visit of C4 Research building, delegation paid a visit to ISSAI. We started with presentation of Dr. Azamat Yeshmukhabetov about tensegrity robots, then Absalyamov Yerbol provided an overview of the ISSAI’s history, mission, and key areas of research. Following this introduction, the delegation had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of AI technologies in action: Tilmash, Soyle, KazNERD, KazTTS2. Guests were impressed by research activities at ISSAI.

SCISP is a government entity linked to the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, and aims to coordinate the Kingdom’s efforts pertaining to its international and regional strategic partnerships. The Board of Directors of the SCISP, chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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