20th March 2024

Professor of the Korkyt Ata university and graduate student completed an intensive internship course on robotics and AI at the ISSAI

Prof. Nurbek Konyrbayev and graduate student Oralbek Abdullayev from Korkyt Ata university participated in the intensive course on autonomous robots and machine learning, which was organized by the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI) at the ARMS lab from March 13 to March 20, under Dr. Yeshmukhametov’s mentorship. They gained insights in robot modeling, design, and control using machine learning techniques.

During their stay, they engaged in cutting-edge research related to autonomous robotic systems, exploring advancements and applying theoretical and practical skills to real-world problems. Their activities included programming robots, incorporating sensors, and experimenting with control mechanisms, improving their understanding of robotics software and hardware integration.

Collaborating with researchers and interns, they tackled challenges in robot navigation and decision making, which fostered innovation and expanded their knowledge in robotics. Their efforts contributed to ARMS lab’s projects, focusing on developing algorithms for enhanced robot control that could benefit fields like space exploration and disaster response.

This enriching experience has equipped Dr. Konyrbayev and Mr. Abdullayev with advanced skills in robotics, preparing them to share their knowledge at Korkyt Ata University and inspire future generations in robotics and machine learning.