5th April 2024

ISSAI postdoc became a guest of the “Sana” program on Abai TV channel

On April 5th, a new episode of the “Sana” program was released on the Abai TV channel featuring ISSAI postdoctoral researcher Azamat Yeshmukhametov. As a highly qualified expert, Azamat frequently participates in various television programs and events focused on the advancement of science and robotics. In this episode also participated Aidana Kaldybekova, a lecturer at Astana IT University and a political scientist, Alua Burkitbayeva a student at New York University Abu Dhabi, and Aitmambet Ayim, a fourth-year student at KazGuu.

During the episode, the guests discussed their main goals and principles in a university selecting process. They emphasized the importance of pursuing higher education at universities, despite the lack of modern online courses available. Dr.Azamat Yeshmukhametov mentioned that prospective students often prioritize the university’s student life when choosing an educational institution, as education is available online. The main skills that universities now offer as a public platform were identified as the ability to systematically carry out processes, work collaboratively in teams, and cultivate leadership qualities.

Furthermore, Dr. Azamat Yeshmukhametov noted that the knowledge gained in the university classroom must be consolidated in the laboratory.  The program was held in an interactive mode, and the guests revealed the topic of the issue in detail. 

The full episode is available on YouTube.  

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