22nd May 2024

Interview with ISSAI data scientist for the “Halyq Uni” media

On May 22nd, ISSAI data scientist Rustem Yeshpanov was invited to the “Halyq Uni” online media platform. He and other guests discussed the transformation of the Kazakh language in the era of digital technologies, and how AI integrates with the Kazakh language.

In the interview Rustem Yeshpanov explained the specifics of Kazakh language and the challenges computers face in understanding it. He demonstrated ISSAI projects for Kazakh, including Kazakh Speech Corpus 2, Kazakh text to speech, Tilmash, Soyle etc. He also noted that the ISSAI team is working on models for other Turkic languages leveraging their advances in Kazakh.

Rustem Yeshpanov emphasized that ISSAI’s projects, models, codes, and datasets are open source. He urged other organizations and institutes to share their research on Kazakh such that this serves as a driver for the Kazakh language development in the AI era.

The full episode is available on YouTube

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