25th May 2024

Interview with ISSAI Founding Director, Dr. Huseyin Atakan Varol for Qazaqstan channel

On May 25th, Dr. Huseyin Atakan Varol, Founding Director of ISSAI, appeared on the “Alem zhane biz” program on Qazaqstan channel, hosted by Mr. Nurbek Matzhani. Dr. Varol discussed the Institute’s advancements and challenges over the past five years, highlighting key projects for Kazakh language, including  automatic speech recognition, Kazakh text-to-speech generation, and Tilmash neural machine translation engine. He pointed out that the ISSAI team is currently focusing on the Kazakh LLM project, which aims to create software similar to GPT, accessible via APIs or a Chat GPT-like interface for users in Kazakhstan.

Dr. Varol noted President Tokayev’s recognition of AI’s transformative potential and his impact for creating AI infrastructure and training skilled personnel in Kazakhstan. Despite challenges, Dr. Varol is optimistic about the country’s ability to advance in AI. He pointed out that AI will revolutionize human-computer interaction and emphasized the importance of preparing for this paradigm shift in Kazakhstan.

The full episode is available on YouTube

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