14th June 2024

ISSAI postdoc delivers speech at prestigious TedX Event

ISSAI postdoctoral researcher Azamat Yeshmukhametov spoke at a TedX event organized locally by TEDxYouth, and hosted by Haileybury Astana International School on 14 June 2024. Dr. Yeshmukhametov’s presentation focused on AI for robotics. Dr. Azamat started his speech  with a brief overview of the modern world and the impact of AI on daily life and various industries. Using the example of Jarvis from popular culture as a source of inspiration for many engineers, he demystified AI and reduced fears surrounding its advancement.

He also shared his personal and professional experiences with artificial intelligence, by discussing the practical applications of AI in image recognition, such as those used in iPhones, and its capabilities in mathematics, data processing, signal processing, and dynamics. Dr. Yeshmukhametov showcased insights from his research, highlighting how AI can grasp and recognize geometric shapes like spheres and cubes, emphasizing the potential applications of this technology.

Dr. Azamat’s speech was insightful and inspirational, appealing to experts in various fields as well as those new to the subject of artificial intelligence. 

Watch the full speech on YouTube

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