17th June 2024

NLP Paper on Social Media Analysis for Circular Economy Published in Top Journal

We recently published our top-notch research conducted by the collaboration of SEDS and ISSAI at Nazarbayev University, in the prestigious Journal of Industrial Ecology (JIE). This research conducted under the Collaborative Research Program grant of Prof. Ferhat Karaca started after a series of thought-provoking discussions and brainstorming activities in our research group, and finally, we decided to focus on understanding stakeholder sentiments and topic modeling of Circular Construction discourse.

The main challenge of the study was the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze social media comments on various platforms and provide valuable insights into the authentic sentiments of stakeholders within the construction industry. This research dipped into prevalent themes and concepts related to Circular Economy (CE) in construction, identified variances in opinions across different online platforms, and highlighted the factors influencing favorable attitudes toward CE.

Additionally, we decided to develop an innovative web tool that uses AI-powered sentiment analysis to promptly discern the standpoint on CE (positive, neutral, or negative) for any given text. This research presents an exciting opportunity to understand public perceptions better. It supports policy-making based on real-time insights and addresses the growth and innovation opportunities within the CE landscape.

We invite you to explore this latest publication and explore the compelling realm of AI-driven social media analysis.