27th June 2024

School students presented their projects and completed the Summer Research Program 2024 at ISSAI

The Summer Research Program 2024 for school students, which was organized by the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ISSAI), finished on June 27, 2024. This year, we received over 300 applications from international and local school students. 26 distinguished students were selected for the program.

Students were divided into two groups focusing on Augmented Reality (AR) and robotics, under the guidance of mentors Dr. Azamat Yeshmukhametov and Dr. Zhanat Makhataeva. During the first week, the participants engaged in theoretical learning, where they acquired foundational knowledge and skills in AR and robotics. The program’s topics covered 3D modeling, Arduino, Unreal Engine, etc. They gained expertise in these areas and started practical activities with a focus on real project development. Students engaged in hands-on projects, culminating in the creation of virtual avatars and tensegrity robots.

Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. Many praised the program for its agenda, highlighting how it significantly enhanced their understanding of AR and robotics. Participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with experienced mentors, which they felt greatly enriched their learning experience. Several students also noted the synergistic balance between theoretical and practical parts of the program. At the graduation ceremony, students successfully demonstrated their results, including demos of virtual avatars and tensegrity robots.

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