Circular Economy Indexing in Construction Industry Using Big Data and AI

This research aims to utilize state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to develop a novel Circular City Indexing (CCI) method for construction job site management and operation. Creating circularity indexes for cities is a new research area. CCI typically involves Big Data Analysis (BDA) and provides a concise measurement of the factors extracted from the data related to urban performances supporting local, national, and international green policies. This project focuses on a novel contribution to the built environment part of the circular developments in cities. Thus, it will facilitate developing a CCI for the built environment, focusing on construction activities.

Project will deliver a large, open-source, and meticulously annotated dataset for construction sites from cities worldwide and develop a novel CCI with actions and strategies enabling support for circular and sustainable construction site management strategies and planning of investments. These outcomes may particularly impact enabling factors of the green transition that may differ across territories. It will help policymakers promote a smooth and fair transition by fostering municipalities’ preparedness to address the challenge. The development of circularity measures can help to improve local urban management.

The demonstration of the proposed tool – circular city indexing (range 1-100, where 1 is most circular, and 100 least circular) – can be seen on the figure below, which shows part of Almaty map.