6 March 2020

AI Workshop for Jysan Bank by the ISSAI team

On 6 March 2020, the ISSAI team journeyed to Almaty to give a workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the high-level executives of the JSC «First Heartland Jýsan Bank» and the Nazarbayev Fund. The main purpose of the workshop was to introduce the main ideas behind AI and machine learning, state-of-the-art technologies and their limitations.
The workshop started with ISSAI Director Prof. Atakan Varol’s presentation entitled “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Basics, History, State-of-the-Art, and Opportunities.”
Afterward, ISSAI postdoctoral scholar Yerbolat Khassanov and ISSAI data scientist Askat Kuzdeuov gave talks on “Speaker Verification” and “Face Verification” and their use in finance, respectively. They explained state-of-the-art verification methods and also how to protect such systems against spoofing attacks.
Speaker verification is a technology in which the identity of a person can be verified by the characteristics of his/her voice.  Face verification is used to identify a person based on his/her facial characteristics. Verification systems, in general, have a wide area of applications for security in areas such as law enforcement, data protection, smart advertising, and banking systems. For instance, verification systems can be used as a fraud detection system in banks by verifying customers with their own voice/face characteristics.
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