15th November 2021

Mass media talks about ISSAI researcher Zhanat Makhataeva and her Microsoft PhD fellowship

Several news and media channels have covered the recent news that ISSAI researcher Zhanat Makhataeva was announced a Microsoft Research PhD Fellow in the Inaugural Microsoft Research Summit 2021.

Media channels like Steppe, QazaqTv, BilimdiNews, and 7thChannel took interviews from Zhanat and published the news on their web portals.

To remind, this year Zhanat Makhataeva was awarded the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship. The Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship is a global program created for talented PhD students in a computing-related field. Fellowship recipients are provided with 15,000 USD to help complete their doctoral research work and will be offered a 12-week paid internship with Microsoft. This year, the fellowship was awarded to only 49 PhD students from top-notch universities such as Stanford University, Tsinghua University, Princeton University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Oxford, and Weizmann Institute of Science. Zhanat is the first doctoral student who received this fellowship from Kazakhstan.