5th April 2023

Guest lecture from a speaker from Google

In a recent tech talk organized by ISSAI, Mr Ali Zhussupov, a software engineer at Google, shared his insights on software engineering at Google, Switzerland and offered valuable tips for students interested in pursuing a career in big tech.

During the talk, Mr Zhussupov shared his personal experience working at Google and highlighted the unique culture and practices of the company’s software engineering teams. He emphasized the importance of having a growth mindset and a passion for continuous learning, as well as the value of collaborating with and learning from other engineers in the industry.

Mr Zhussupov also shared his tips on how to get hired by big tech companies like Google, including the importance of building a strong portfolio, networking with industry professionals, and mastering technical skills through practice and personal projects. One of the useful tips from the speaker was that it is very important to verbally explain your steps when solving a coding task during a phone interview. According to Mr Zhussupov, interviewers are interested in understanding candidates’ way of thinking and logic when addressing a coding challenge.

The presentation proved both enlightening and inspiring for the attending students, granting them a unique glimpse into the world of software engineering at Google and essential advice for pursuing a career in the sector. “Hearing from someone who has worked at Google was really valuable,” said one student. “It gave me a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in a big tech company“.