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Elmira Nikiforova

Elmira Nikiforova

Data Moderator

Elmira graduated with distinction from Kostanai State University, earning a qualification as a teacher of English and Kazakh in 1996. Subsequently, she obtained a Candidate of Science degree in Comparative Linguistics (2013) from Chelyabinsk State University, Russian Federation, and a PhD degree in Linguistics in Kazakhstan (2018).

With 23 years of experience, Elmira has been dedicated to teaching the English language, Translation, and General Linguistics. Elmira’s research interests encompass Comparative Linguistics, Theory and Practice of Translation, Discourse Analysis, and Intercultural Communication.

Elmira has numerous publications focusing on communicative influence strategies in institutional discourses. Elmira is also a co-author of two monographs on trial discourse texts and a textbook on the theory and practice of translation for students studying translation studies.

Currently, Elmira actively participates in one of ISSAI’s NLP projects and serves as a teacher at A. Baitursynuly Kostanai Regional University.