1st February 2024

ISSAI Dauys, the first Kazakh text-to-speech App, was launched at the Digital Almaty 2024 forum 

ISSAI Dauys App, the first Kazakh text-to-speech application, was launched at the Digital Almaty 2024 on 1th of February in Almaty. The developers Olzhas Mukayev, Ruslan Tasmukhanov, Nurali Rakhay, Yelaman Fazyl, Alisher Kunbolsyn study at Nazarbayev University, and they participated in the Summer Research Program 2023 by ISSAI. Students were supervised under ISSAI Senior Data scientist Askat Kuzdeuov.

ISSAI Dauys App is developed based on the large-scale dataset KazakhTTS2. The dataset features 271 hours of high-quality transcribed audio from five professional speakers.

ISSAI Dauys App allows users to instantly convert any Kazakh text to high quality speech with just one click! To convert text into audio, users need to input the text into the interface, choose a preferred voice, and get instant results. The first of its kind for the Kazakh language, ISSAI Dauys App offers offline access, no advertisements, free usage, and five high-quality voices, making it unique in its segment!

Currently, the App is available for download for Android users on Google Play. The iOS version will launch soon.

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