20th February 2024

ISSAI postdoc Dr. Azamat Yesmukhametov participated in the “ТӨR” podcast

Azamat Yeshmukhametov, a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Nazarbayev University   together with Daniyar Dauletiya, head of the FabLab AITU laboratory, participated in the “ТӨR” podcast, organized by the school of sports and educational robotics Robotek.

In the interview Azamat Yeshmukhametov talked about his path to the science of robotics, about the advantages of educational programs of Nazarbayev University, robotization of the industry of Kazakhstan, etc.

Azamat also addressed the issue of staff shortages and the stereotypes surrounding robotics, which includes perceptions among people, including parents of schoolchildren. These stereotypes create additional barriers to understanding the value of this field.

In the end of the podcast, the guests noted that the rapid development of robotics is expected in the coming years.