5th August 2022

Dana Aubakirova receives an “Honorable Mention” award at the Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School

Former ISSAI research assistant Dana Aubakirova received an “Honorable Mention” award at the Eastern European Machine Learning (EEML) Summer School. Dana presented the  “TFW: Annotated Thermal Faces in the Wild Dataset” at the poster session and engaged in a thoughtful discussion on the applications of computer vision in biometrics. She also participated in several talks by highly-qualified professionals from leading companies on the topics of Reinforcement Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Deep Learning Theory, Computer Vision, Explainability, and Machine Learning.

The Eastern European Machine Learning (EEML) Summer School is a one-week summer school on core topics in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The summer school includes both lectures and practical sessions to improve the theoretical and practical understanding of these topics. 

This year’s speakers and lecturers included industry and academia representatives from Google, Harvard University, OpenAI, DeepMind, University of Illinois, MIT, Microsoft and others. 

The main aim of the event is to raise awareness of topics around machine learning and artificial intelligence outside the US and Canada and to encourage research and diversity in these fields.

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